My Bloody Valentine – M B V [2013]

Title: M B V

Artist: My Bloody Valentine

Year of Release: 2013

A new album by My Bloody Valentine?! The music world screamed with delight the minute M B V was announced. Not that it was unexpected anyway. Band leader Kevin Shields has been teasing a new record for a pretty long time now, we just never knew when it would actually come out even though he would promise tentative release dates time and time again. Now that it’s finally here, the big question is: how does it hold up in their small but massively influential discography?

It’s not Loveless 2, that’s for sure. Every characteristic unique to MBV (and shamelessly copied by legions of bands) is found here, but Shields and co. move away from the pop-oriented sound of Loveless to focus on song structures that feel more freely formed and hypnotic. However, the songs still remain strong and stylistically consistent despite differing in recording dates. Some were recorded right after Loveless while others were conceived as recent as 2007. There’s a strong 90s EDM vibe going on in the second-half of the album, especially with ‘New You’ and the industrial-tinged ‘Wonder 2’. Their trademark guitars are ever so present though; ‘If I Am’ and ‘Only Tomorrow’ shows the band comfortable with the structured sound they cultivated with their first two albums, while ‘She Found Now’ and ‘Is This and Yes’ sport minimal, repetitive rhythms that drone on and on until it captivates you.

While time will tell if m b v will hold ground to inspire future generations of bands, it’s a highly remarkable effort from a band faced with the odds of following one of the most influential rock albums ever made.

Standout tracks: ‘New You’, ‘Only Tomorrow’, ‘She Found Now’

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